The World thru my eyes
As a photographer, I get my power-food in the form of beauty, which nourishes me on all levels. Beauty provides me with unique "soul-food," which comes from everything around me, including all life forms on our planet. That motivates me to take pictures that capture the enchanting beauty of nature with a touch of joy and playfulness. I find a lot of beauty in the genuine emotions that exist in our human relationships; in love and connection, cooperation and empathy. My great passion is aesthetically combining those elements in my photographs.
my mission is to discover and capture the beauty of life 
 help people reignite their own sense of beauty.
I've always followed my inner impulses and dared to go beyond what was already known and thought to be an appropriate way of doing something. These emotions have made way for a richer perspective of reality. And this is how I developed my own distinct photographic style. I've always wanted to know how things work, what people are like, and how many different aspects of life I can experiment with and deeply understand.
The combination of all these elements has helped me to be extremely focused and, perhaps, even a perfectionist at my photographic work. Through these experiences, I've evolved into an outspoken individual, incorporating a great deal of love, compassion, and tremendous feelings of freedom, allowing me to create beauty out of everything I experience as a photographer.
Working as a model
Years ago, I also appeared as a model in TV and print ads for major Slovenian and foreign companies: Telekom, Mobitel, NLB, Spar, Hervis, Mercator, T-Mobile, Ljubljana dairies. Therefore, I know the feeling, how it feels to stand in front of the camera.
Those experiences created an understanding in me how to be natural and relaxed and how to be in touch with our core and how to show thatin front of the camera. I’m sharing my experiences and help people bring out the best, so that they can shine and really be themselves.
Wedding photography
My intention is to create an atmosphere where the couple can enjoy themselves freely and show their special connection.
I then catch moments of their natural warmth and joy, just the way they are. Only small tips here and there. The camera becomes invisible to the objects while they are enjoying each other. Every smile that occurs is dedicated to each of the partners, not to the camera, and that's what makes photos so genuine and therefore beautiful.

My youth
As a young boy I curiously explored life surrounding me. Hills and valleys, narrow streams and rivers, mountains and the sea. I was fascinated by the beauty of the world and since then it has remained a big source of my inspiration. Therefore in my photographs one can spot invigorating colors and contrasts arising from my long-standing connections with nature.
When opportunity arouse, I got to know how photo and video cameras work and learned how to unleash my creativity using these tools.

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